Woodford Jubilee Hospital
Broomhill Walk,  Woodford Green, Essex IG8 9HG
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1899 - 1986


The Hospital, financed by Sir John Roberts, Bt, was built to celebrate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.  It opened in 1899 with 12 beds.  The patients were looked after by their GPs.

In 1911 it was extended to 54 beds, the money being raised by public subscription.

In 1937 a new X-ray room and apparatus were installed.  The women's ward was extended, with an additional 6 beds.  The work cost £3,877.

In 1948 the Hospital joined the NHS under the control of the Forest Group Hospital Management Committee, part of the North East Metropolitan Regional Hospital Board.

In 1974, following a major reorganisation of the NHS, it came under the administration of the West Roding District Health Authority, part of the North East Thames Regional Health Board.

Following another major reorganisation of the NHS in 1982, it transferred to the control of the Waltham Forest District Health Authority.

The Hospital closed in 1986 under the orders of the then Health Minister, Kenneth Clarke, because it was considered too small, with only 47 beds.

Present status (March 2008)

The Hospital building was demolished and the site redeveloped in 1988 for retirement homes - the New Jubilee Court in Grange Avenue.

A number of features which were originally part of the Hospital building have been incorporated -  a cameo plaque of Queen Victoria, a commemorative plaque, a sundial and a weathervane.
New Jubilee Court
The frontage on Grange Avenue from the west.

new building

The main entrance of New Jubilee Court, with the Jubilee cameo plaque and the weather vane.

New Jubilee Court
The western elevation with the sundial from the former Hospital mounted in the central gable of the block.

new building
New Jubilee Court from the east.
New Jubilee Court
The cameo plaque of Queen Victoria is mounted on the central gable.

The sundial states 'I tell the truth or not at all'.

foundation stone
The commemorative plaque marking the extension of the Hospital in 1911.
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