Young People's
Consultation Centre
11 King's College Road, Swiss Cottage, NW3 3SS
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1961 - 1967

Mental (Out-Patients only)
In June 1961 the Youth Studies and Research Foundation established a walk-in centre for young people aged between 14 and 23 to obtain free and confidential advice from high professional staff about any sort of problem.  This would enable researchers to evolve techniques for interviewing young people and to understand the kind of problems they faced.  The knowledge gained from this would be shared with other workers in the same field by means of seminars, study groups, etc.

The Young People's Consultation Centre opened in two rooms in Burgh House, a Queen Anne mansion belonging to Hampstead Borough Council.  Four consultant psychotherapists  - two men and two women - were appointed.  Clerical support - booking appointments and dealing with telephone enquiries - was provided by the Council of Social Services, located in an office in the basement.

In March 1964 the Centre moved to larger, more permanent premises - a converted shop at No. 11 King's College Road.  The new Centre then had four consulting rooms, an office and a waiting room.  The number of consultants was increased to five part-time psychoanalysts or psychotherapists, a psychiatric advisor and a medical advisor.  Patients were seen on three evenings a week - from 18.30 to 20.00 hrs - and on Saturday mornings, but the office was open all day and appointments could be made at any time.

In 1965 a branch of the Centre opened at No. 264 Portobello Road in North Kensington, where patients could be seen on Monday evenings.

In 1967 the Centre moved to the newly opened Tavistock Centre at Swiss Cottage.

Present status (December 2017)

The Centre is now known as the Young People's Consultation Service and is located at the Tavistock Centre.

Burgh House
Burgh House in New End Square was the first site of the Centre.

Site of 11 Kings College Road
The site of No. 11 King's College Road is located near No. 5 Hawtrey Road.  The area was redeveloped in the late 1960s, becoming part of the Chalcots Park Estate.  A large section of King's College Road became Hawtrey Road, a private road leading off King Henry's Road.
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