Candler Almshouses

79 Amyand Park Road, Twickenham, TW1 3HJ


In 1935 the old Twickenham almshouses in School Alley, managed by the parish, were replaced by new buildings in Amyand Park Road. Five new almshouses were built by the Twickenham United Charities and, at the same time, five more by the trustees of the William Candler for Almshouses Charity.

William Candler, a master grocer, had died in 1907, leaving a bequest of £5,000 to build six almshouses for poor elderly widows and spinsters aged over 60, who had lived in the parish of Twickenham for 25 years without receiving parish relief.

The ten single-storey, single bedroom almshouses were arranged in a semi-circle formation around a grassy courtyard. They were known collectively as the Candler Almshouses.

In 2002 planning permission was granted for a major refurbishment of the buildings, to provide individual bathrooms for each almshouse (each pair of bungalows shared a bathroom, hence only women were admitted as residents).

On 17th December 2008 the Twickenham United Charities merged with the Richmond Charities.

Between 2010 and 2017 the work was finally carried out to refurbish the almshouses; each dwelling was fitted with its own bathroom.


Current status

The almshouses have been graded as Buildings of Townscape Merit. They are managed by the Richmond Charities. Applicants must be over 65 years of age.

N.B. Photographs obtained in May 2020

Candler Almshouses

Only the roofs of the almshouses can been seen behind a plain wooden fence (above and below).

Candler Almshouses


Candler Almshouses

The buildings bear stone plaques dedicated to the Twickenham Candler Charity.

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