Alphabetical list of almshouses

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Abraham Dawes Almshouses, Putney Bridge Road, SW15 2PR (Putney)

Ada Lewis Governesses Homes, 39-59 Southend Road, BR3 (Beckenham)

Aged Pilgrims, 116 Sedgemoor Place, SE5 (Camberwell)

Aged Pilgrims, Hillside, N19 (Archway)

Aged Pilgrims, 1-5 Hartley Court, East Common,, SL9 (Gerrards Cross)

Aged Pilgrims, 81 Vartry Road, N15 (Stamford Hill)

Alleyn's & St Luke's Almshouses, Bath Street, EC1V (Old Street)

Amias's Almshouses, Mitchell Street, EC1V (Old Street)

Ann Crowe's Almshouses, 1-4 Almshouse Lane, EN1 4QD (Enfield)

Armourers and Brasiers Almshouses, Britannia Place, EC2 (Bishopsgate)

Armourers and Brasiers Almshouses, Beaton Close, Gatonby Street, SE15 (Peckham)

Aske's Hospital, Pitfield Street, N1 6LE (Hoxton)

Asylum for Aged Governesses, 40a Prince of Wales Road, NW5 (Kentish Town)


Badger's Almshouses, 2 Hoxton Street, N1 (Hoxton)

Bakers' Almshouses, Lyme Grove, E9 (Hackney)

Baker's Villas, 1-54 Bakers Lane, CM16 (Epping)

Bancroft's Almshouses, 327 Mile End Road, E1 (Mile End)

Barrow's Almshouses, Colebert Avenue, E1 (Stepney)

Beeston Almshouses (Girdler's Company), XX (Nunhead)

Bell's Almshouses, Linkfield Road, TW7 (Isleworth)

Benn's Walk, Michelsdale Drive, TW9 (Richmond)

Berman's Almshouses, N1 (Hoxton)

Berman's Almshouses, Basing Square, Basing Place, E2 (Hoxton)

Berman's Almshouses, Berman's Close, Hanging Hill Lane, CM13 (Brentwood)

Bertie Almshouses, 31-33 Bromley Road, BR3 (Beckenham)

Bethel Asylum, 159-163 Havil Street, SE5 (Camberwell)

Bishop Duppa's Almshouses, The Vineyard, TW10 (Richmond)

Bookbinders Cottages, St Ninian's Court, Bawtry Road, N20 0SS (Whetstone)

Bookbinders' Provident Asylum, 100a Balls Pond Road, N1 4 AG (Kingsland)

Booksellers Provident Retreat, Abbots Road, WD4 8LT (Abbots Langley)

Boone's Almshouses, 374-376 Lee High Road, SE12 8RS (Lee)

Boone's Almshouses and Chapel, Lee High Road, SE13 5PH (Lee)

Boone's Almshouses, 25 Belmont Park, SE13 5BL (Lee)

Bootmakers Almshouses, Rosemary Gardens, SW14 (Mortlake)

Bourne's Almshouses, 138 Kingsland Road, E2 (Hoxton)

Bowry's Almshouses, Bromley Public Hall, Row Road, E3 (Bromley-by-Bow)

Brentford All Angels Chapel Almshouses, (location unknown), TW8 (Old Brentford)

Bromley College, London Road, BR1 (Bromley)

Butchers Almshouses, Vanston Place, SW6 (Fulham)

Butchers & Drovers Almshouses, Smoothfields, 130 Hibernia Road,, TW3 (Hounslow)

Butler's Almshouses, Byfield Road, TW7 (Isleworth)

Butler's Almshouses, Little Chapel Street (Caxton Street),, SW1H (Westminster)


Candler Almshouses, 78 Amyand Park Road, TW1 (Twickenham)

Chingford Almshouses, 1 Carbis Close, E4 (Chingford)

Christian Union Almshouses, 21 Crawford Place, W1H 4LQ (Edgware Road)

Church Estate Almshouses, 2 St Mary's Grove, Sheen Road,, TW9 (Richmond)

Cinque Cottages, Crooked Billet, Wimbledon Common,, SW19 4RQ (Wimbledon)

Cleeve's Almshouses, 49-71 Old London Road,, KT2 (Kingston)

Clock & Watchmakers Asylum, Waterfall Road, N11 (New Southgate)

Clothworkers Almshouses, 1-8 Bishop Street, N18PH (Islington)

Clothworkers Almshouses, 34 Essex Road, N1 8HX (Islington)

Clothworkers Almshouses, Frog Lane, N1 8PH (Islington)

Clothworkers Almshouses, Lambe's Chapel Court, Monkwell Street, EC2Y 8BL (London Wall)

Coe's Cottages, Coe's Alley, EN5 (Barnet)

Colby Lodge, 1c The Drive, E17 (Walthamstow)

Colfe's Almshouses, 368 High Street, SE13 6LQ (Lewisham)

Colfe and Hatcliffe Glebe, 347 High Street, SE13 6NY (Lewisham)

Collard's Almshouses, 1 Maynard Road, E17 (Walthamstow)

Cook's Almshouses, 391 Mile End Road, E3 (Mile End)

Countess of Kent's (Clothworkers) Almshouses, Whitefriars, EC4Y 0AY (Blackfriars)

Cutlers Almshouses, 98 Balls Pond Road, N1 4BF (Kingsland)


Dame Alice Owen's Almshouses, 283-309 Goswell Road, EC1V (Angel)

Daniel Almshouses, 1 Church Road, NW4 (Hendon)

Davis's Almshouses,65-79 Queen's Head Street, N1 8NA (Islington)

Day's Almshouses, 71-87 High Street, HP7 (Amersham)

Dean Court, Bowman's Close, W13 (West Ealing)

Dovedale Cottages, 240A Battersea Park Road, SW11 4LN (Battersea)

Drake's Almshouses, High Street, HP7 (Amersham)

Drapers Almshouses, 1-48 Rainhill Way, E3 (Bromley-by Bow)

Drapers Almshouses, Glasshill Street, SE1 (Southwark)

Drapers Almshouses, Edmonson's Close, Bruce Grove, N17 (Tottenham)

Drapers Almshouses, Beech Lane, Beech Street, EC2Y (Barbican)

Drapers Almshouses, Coopers Row, Crutched Friars Grove, EC3 (Aldgate)

Drapers Almshouses, Borough Road, SE1 (Borough)

Drapers Almshouses, Newington Butts, SE1 (Elephant)

Drovers Almshouses, 12-17 NOrth Road, N7 (Holloway)

Dutch Almshouse & Convalescent Home, 165 Church Lane, SE7 (Charlton)

Dyers Almshouses, City Road, EC1V 2PW (Clerkenwell)

Dyers Almshouses, Dyers Buildings, Holborn, EC1N 2JT (Holborn)

Dyers Almshouses, King Henry's Walk, Balls Pond Road, N1 4NT (Kingsland)

Dyers Almshouses, White Cock Alley, (Upper) Thames Street, EC4R 3AD (Cannon Street)


Ealing Almshouses, 64-71 The Mall, W5 (Ealing)

Ealing New Almshouses, Church Gardens, W5 (South Ealing)

East India Company Almshouses, 115 Poplar High Street, E14 (Poplar)

Edward Alleyn's Almshouses, Old College, College Road, SE21 (Dulwich)

Edward Alleyn's Almshouses, Lamb Alley, EC2 (Bishopsgate)

Edward Alleyn's Almshouses, Soap Yard, Park Street, SE1 (Borough Market)

Edward Edwards House, Nicholson Street, SE1 (Southwark)

Edwards Almshouses, 15 Burrell Street, SE1 (Southwark)

Elis David Almshouses, 122 Church Street, CR0 (Croydon)

Elis David Almshouses, Duppas Hill Terrace, CR0 (Croydon)

Elizabethan Schools Almshouses, Broomhouse Lane, SW6 (Fulham)

Emanuel Almshouses, Wellclose Square, E1 (Whitechapel)

Emanuel Almshouses, near 85 Egerton Road, N16 (Stamford Hill)

Emanuel Hospital, St James Court Hotel, 54 Buckingham Gate, SW1E (Westminster)

Embroiderers Almshouses, St Peter's Hill, EC4V 4BT (St Paul's)

Emery Hill's Almshouses, 42 Rochester Row, SW1P (Victoria)

Esther Doe Lodge, 8 Paulin Drive, N21 (Winchmore Hill)


Farnell's Almshouses, St John's Road, TW7 (Isleworth)

Fishmongers Almshouses, Newington Butts, SE1 (Elephant)

Fishmongers & Poulterers Almshouses, Civic Centre, High Road, N22 (Wood Green)

Forster's Cottages, 88-94 Philip Lane, N15 (South Tottenham)

Free Watermen & Lightermen's Almshouses, Beckenham Road/Penge High Street, Se20 (Penge)

French Protestant Hospital, off Bath Street, EC1V (Old Street)

French Protestant Hospital, Victoria Park Road, E9 (Victoria Park)

Friendly Almshouses, Chumleigh Street, SE5 0RJ (Camberwell)

Friendly Almshouses, 155-167 Stockwell Park Road, SW9 (Stockwell)

Fuller's Almshouses, Nightingale Road, N22 (Wood Green)

Fuller's Hoxton Almshouses, 244-278 Crondall Street, N1 (Hoxton)

Fuller's (male) Almshouses, 99 Mile End Road, E1 (Stepney)

Fuller's (male) Almshouses, Birch Grove, E11 (Leyton)

Fuller's Hospital, Old Street, EC1V (City North)


Garrett's Almshouses, 76-86 Wood Street, EN5 (Barnet)

Geffrye Almshouses, 136 Kingsland Road, E2 (Hoxton)

George Crump Almshouse, 61 Hereford Street, E2 6DT (Bethnal Green)

Girdlers Company Almshouses, 272 Consort Road, SE15 (Nunhead)

Goldsmiths & Jewellers Asylum, Holcroft Road, E9 (Hackney)

Goldsmiths Almshouses, 67-77 Goldsmiths Row, E2 8QD (Hackney)

Goldsmiths Almshouses, 16 East Churchfield Road, W3 (Acton)

Goldsmiths Almshouses, 69-73 Warren Lane, SE18 6NG (Woolwich)

Greenwood's Almshouses, 15 Rousden Street, NW1 (Camden Town)

Gresham Almshouses (City of London), Ferndale Road, SW9 (Brixton)

Gresham College, 25 Broad Street, EC2N (Bishopsgate)

Gresham College, Green Yard, Whitecross Street, EC2Y (Barbican)

Grove Court, Highbridge Street, EN9 (Waltham Abbey)


Hackney Road Almshouses, 6Old Burying Ground, Hackney Road, E2 8HQ (Hackney)

Hackney War Memorial Homes (Soldiers and Sailors Homes), Wattisfield Road, E5 (Hackney)

Hand-in-Hand Asylum, 23 Well Street, E9 (Hackney)

Harwar's Almshouses, 134 Kingsland Road, E2 (Hoxton)

Hatcliffe Almshouses, Tuskar Road, SE10 9UY (Greenwich)

Hatcliffe's Almshouses, 1 Catford Road, Rushey Green, SE6 4RU (Lewisham)

Heath's (Clothworkers) Almshouses, Queen's Head Lane, N1 8NA (Islington)

Hedger's Almshouses, Penhurst Place, Carlisle Lane, SE1 (Lambeth)

Helen Peele Memorial Almshouses, Lower Road, SE16 2TT (Rotherhithe)

Henry VII's Almshouses, Victoria Street/Great Smith Street, SW1H (Westminster)

Hester Hawes Almshouses, Bazely Street, E14 (Poplar)

Hickey's Almshouses, Sheen Road, TW9 (Richmond)

Hillier's Almshouses, 96a-98a Curtain Road, EC2A (Shoreditch)

Holmes Road Studios, 41 Holmes Road, NW5 (Kentish Town)

Home for Retired Governesses, Manor Park Road, BR7 (Chislehurst)

Hopkin Morris Homes of Rest, Strand-on-the-Green, W4 (Chiswick)

Hopton's Almshouses, Hopton Street, SE1 (Bankside)

Hore & Colyear's Almshouses, off Ham Street, TW10 (Ham)

Houblon's Almshouses, Worple Way, Sheen Road, TW10 (Richmond)

Howis Trust, 40-44 Shakespeare Road, SE24 (Herne Hill)


Ingram's Almshouses, Mill Plat, TW7 (Isleworth)


James Hickson's Almshouses, 99-109 Blanche Lane, EN6 (South Mimms)

Jewish Workhouse, 37-39 Stepney Green, E1 3JX (Stepney)

John Baker's Almshouses, Stepney Way, E1 (Whitechapel)

Jubilee Almshouses, 50 Egerton Drive, SE10 (Greenwich)


King George V Memorial Homes, 49-71 Begonia Avenue, NE8 (Gillingham)

Knight's Almshouses, 6/8 Church Lane, N9 (Edmonton)


Lady Mico's Almshouses, 1-10 High Street, E1 0NN (Stepney)

Lady Mico's Almshouses, Aylward Street, E1 0PB (Stepney)

Lawrence Campe Almshouses, 213-227 Friern Barnet Lane, N20 (Whetstone)

Leathersellers Close, off The Avenue, EN5 (Barnet)

Legg Whittuck Almshouses, Odessa Road, E7 (Forest Gate)

Lewin's Almshouses, Mitchell Street, EC1V (Old Street)

Leyton United Almshouses, 1-6 Church Road, E10 (Leyton)

Licensed Victuallers Benevolent Institution, 101-110 Asylum Road, SE15 2SQ (Peckham)

Lloyd Court, Slagrove Place, SE13 (Lewisham)

London Master Bakers Benevolent Institution, 551 Lea Bridge Road, E10 (Leyton)


Manning & Anderdon Almshouses, 46-54 High Street, BR7 (Chislehurst)

Manning Place, 10-18 Manning Place. TW10 (Richmond)

Marlborough Buildings Almshouses, 18 Hatfield Road, AL1 (St Albans)

Mary Ann Pearce Almshouses Charity, Goodman Place, TW18 (Staines)

Mary Ravenscroft Cottages, 88-90 Wood Street, EN5 (Barnet)

Mary Tate's Almshouses, 14 Cricket Green, CR4 (Mitcham)

Meggs Almshouses, 100 Whitechapel Road, E1 (Whitechapel)

Meggs Almshouses, 271-175 Upton Lane, E7 9PR (Forect Gate)

Merchant Taylors Almshouses. 39 Threadneedle Street, EC2R 8AU (Bank)

Merchant Taylors Almshouses, Hogge Lane, E1 8SQ (Tower Hill)

Merchant Taylor's Almshouses, Brandram Road, SE13 5RX (Lee)

Metropolitan Beer & Wine Trade Almshouses, 1-7 Nunhead Green SE15 3QG (Nunhead)

Metropolitan Benefit Societies Almshouses, Balls Pond Road, N1 4AH (Kingsland)

Metropolitan Tabernacle Almshouses, Elephant Road, SE17 1AY (Elephant)

Michel's Almshouses, The Vineyard, TW10 (Richmond)

Minford Gardens, 7-17 Minford Gardens, W14 (Shepherds Bush

Monger's Almshouses, 8 Church Crescent, E9 (Hackney)

Monoux Almshouses, Church End, E17 (Walthamstow)

Morden College, St German's Place, SE3 (Blackheath)

Moses's & Solomon's Almshouses, Colebert Avenue, E1 (Stepney)

Mrs Vaughan's Charity, 200 Union Street, SE1 (Southwark)


Nicholl Almshouses, Milespit Hill, NW7 (Mill Hill)

Noel Caron Houses, Fentiman Road, SW8 (Vauxhall)

Norris's Almshouses, Handley Road, E9 (Hackney)

Northwood, off Manor Park Road, BR7 (Chislehurst)

Norton Folgate Almshouses, Puma Court, Commercial Road, E1 9QQ (Spitalfields)


Old Thrale Almshouses, 103-105 High Road, SW16 (Streatham)

Old Tolson's Almshouses, 20 Church Street, TW7 (Isleworth)


Pacifico Almshouses, London Fields East Side, E8 (London Fields)

Pagitt's Almshouses, Hadley Green Road, EN5 (Monken Hadley)

Palmer's Almshouses, Palmer's Passage (Palmer Street), SW1H (Westminster)

Palyn's Almshouses, Girdlers' Cottages, Choumert Road, SE15 (Peckham)

Palyn's Almshouses, 270 Consort Road, SE15 (Nunhead)

Parish Clerks Widows Almshouses, Denmark Road, SE5 (Camberwell)

Parmiter's Almshouses, 19-23 Parmiter Street, E2 9EX (Bethnal Green)

Parmiter's Almshouses, St John Street, E2 6EJ (Bethnal Green)

Pawnbrokers Almshouses, Woodgrange Road, E7 (Forest Gate)

Pemel's Almshouses, Albion Yard, Whitechapel Road, E1 (Whitechapel)

Penn's Almshouses, South Street, SE10 (Greenwich)

Percy Bilton Court, Skinners Lane, TW5 (Hounslow)

Pilgrims Lodge, 55 Lyme Grove, E9 (Hackney)

Portal Home for Ladies, Tonge House, Royal Circus, SE27 0BL (West Norwood)

Porter's and Walter's Almshouses, Nightingale Road, N22 (Wood Green)

Pound Cottage, The Common, WD4 (Kings Langley)

Printers Almshouses, 245 High Road, N22 (Wood Green)

Priory Court, 43-45 Lampton Road, TW3 (Hounslow)


Queen Elizabeth's Almshouses, The Vineyard, TW10 (Richmond)

Queen Elizabeth's College, Greenwich High Road, SE10 (Greenwich)

Queen Mary's Holiday Home for Governessesm Petersham Lodge, River Lane, TW10 (Petersham)


Ratcliff Almshouses, Schoolhouse Lane, E1 (Stepney)

Ravenscroft Cottages, 62-72 Wood Street, EN5 (Barnet)

Ravenscroft Cottages, Potter's Lane, EN5 (Barnet)

Ravenscroft Cottages, Grasvenor Avenue, EN5 (Barnet)

Ravenscroft Lodge, 37 Union Street, EN5 (Barnet)

Rawlins Almshouses, 1,3 and 5 Bromley Road, BR3 (Beckenham)

Raybell Court, Linkfield Road, TW7 (Isleworth)

Rayment's Almshouses, Linkfield Road, TW7 (Isleworth)

Red & White Cottages, Red Cross Way, SE1 (Borough)

Red Lion Almshouses, York Street/Petty France, SW1 (Westminster)

Richard Andrews Almshouses, (location unknown), SE15 (Peckham?)

Richard Platt's Almshouses, Summerhouse Lane, WD25 8 DU (Aldenham)

Robinson's Retreat, Retreat Place, E9 (Hackney)

Roger Harriss Almshouses, Gift Lane, E15 (West Ham)

Roger's Almshouses, Wallside, Barbican Estate, EC2Y (Barbican)

Rowland Hill Almshouses, Feltham Hill Road, TW15 (Ashford)

Royal Chelsea Hospital, Royal Hospital Road, SE3 (Chelsea)

Royal Naval Asylum, St John's Road, SE20 (Penge)


St Botolph's Parishes Almshouses, 14 Shepherdess Walk, N1 (City Road)

St Clement Danes Holborn Estate Almshouses & Chapel, 750 Garratt Lane, SW17 (Tooting)

St Clement's Heights Almshouses, 165 Wells Park Road, SE26 (Upper Sydenham)

St Giles in the Fields Almshouses, 17A Macklin Gardens, WC2B (Covent Garden)

St James's Almshouses, Lambe's Chapel Court, Monkwell Street, EC2Y (London Wall)

St James's Gardens, 42-50 St James Gardens, W11 (Notting Hill)

St Joseph's Almshouses, 1-4 Brook Green, W6 (Hammersmith)

St Joseph's Cottages, 38 Cadogan Street, SW3 (Chelsea)

St Katharine's Hospital, Inner Circle, NW1 (Regent's Park)

St Leonard's House, Nightingale Road, N22 (Wood Green)

St Martin's-in-the-Fields, 13-15 Cockspur Street, SW1Y (St James's)

St Martin's-in-the-Fields, 107 Charing Cross Road (Hog Lane), WC2H (Soho)

St Martin's-in-the-Fields, Bayham Street< Nw1 (Camden Town)

St Martin's-in-the-Fields, 75 St John's Wood Terrace, NW8 (St John's Wood)

St Mary Newington Close, Surrey Square, SE17 (Walworth)

St Mary's Almshouses, Church Gardens, W5 (South Ealing)

St Mary's Court, 56 Bute Road, SM5 (Carshalton)

St Marylebone Almshouses, 80 St John's Wood Terrace, NW8 (St Johns Wood)

St Pancras Almshouses, Southampton Road, NW5 (Gospel Oak)

St Peter's Hospital, St John's Hill, SW11 (Clapham Junction)

St Saviour's Almshouses, Park Street, SE1 (Borough Market)

St Saviour's College 110 Hamilton Road, SE27 (West Norwood)

St Saviour's Court, 2A Old Lodge Lane, CR8 (Purley)

St Saviour's New Almshouses, 94-116 Southwark Park Road, SE16 (Bermondsey)

Salters Almshouses, Monkwell Street, EC2Y (Barbican)

Salters Almshouses, Salters Court, Bow Lane, EC4M (Cheapside)

Salters Almshouses, Church Road, WD17 (Watford)

Sermon's Almshouses, Twickenham Road, TW7 (Isleworth)

Sheppard's College, Tweedy Road, BR1 (Bromley)

Shoreditch Almshouses, Nightingale Road, N22 (Wood Green)

Shoreditch New Almshouses, Godwin House, Brunswick Terrace, E2 (Haggerston)

Sidney Corob House, 121-126 Fortune Green Road, NW6 (West Hampstead)

Sion Hospital, Aldermanbury Square, EC2V (London Wall)

Sir Robert Geffrye's Almshouses, 158 Mottingham Road, SE9 (Mottingham)

Sir William Powell's Almshouses, 1-12 Church Gate, SW6 (Fulham)

Skinners Almshouses (Judd's Alsmhouses), 36 Great St Helens, EC3A 6AP (Lime Street)

Skinners Almshouses, 27 Mile End Road, E1 4TP (Mile End)

Skinners Almshouses, Green Lanes, N13 4AE (Palmers Green)

Spanish and Portuguese Jews Almshouses, Cocks Court, Jewry Street, EC3 (Aldgate)

Spitalfields Almshouses,St John Street, E2 6EJ (Bethnal Green)

Spurstowe House, 36-38 Navarino Road, E8 (Hackney)

Spurstowe's Almshouses, 1-11 Sylvester Path, E8 (Hackney)

Squire's Almshouses, Church End, E17 (Walthamstow)

Stafford's Almshouses, 156-164 Grays Inn Road, WC1X (Holborn)

Strode's Charity Almshouses, Strode's College Lane, TW20 (Egham)

Styleman's Almshouses, 13-35 High Street Bexley, DA5 (Bexley)

Style's Almshouses, Church Street, N9 (Edmonton)

Surrey Chapel Almshouses, 38 Glasshill Street, SE1 (Southwark)

Sutton's Hospital in Charterhouse, EC1 (Smithfield)


Tailors Almshouses, Penshurst, Queens Crescent, NW5 (Maitland Park)

Tailors Almshouses, CR2 (South Croydon)

Tailors Almshouses, SW16 (Streatham)

Tawny Close, Tawny Close, W13 (West Ealing)

Taylor Court, St Helen's Road, W13 (West Ealing)

Thackeray's Almshouses, Rushey Green, SE6 4JG (Lewisham)

The Ridgers, 8 Templeton Avenue, E4 (Chingford)

Thomas Philipot's Almshouses, Philipot Path, Passey Place, SE9 (Eltham)

Thomas Watson Cottage Homes, Leecroft Road, EN2 2TJ (Barnet)

Thrale Almshouses, 27 Pollard Road, SW16 (Streatham)

Tollemache Almshouses, Ham Street, TW10 (Ham)

Tolson House, Parthenia Drive, TW7 (Isleworth)

Trinity Almshouses (Trinity Hospital), 27 Mile End Road, E1 4TP (Mile End)

Trinity Almshouses, Church Street, SE8 (Deptford)

Trinity Homes (Bailey's), 28 Acre Lane, SW2 (Brixton)

Trinity Hospital, Highbridge Wharf, SE10 (Greenwich)

Tylers and Bricklayers Almshouses, King Henry's Walk, Balls Pond Road, N1 4NT (Kingsland)


United Westminster Almshouses, 42 Rochester Road, SW1P (Victoria)


Victoria Almshouses, 124 London Road, RH1 (Redhill)

Victoria Almshouses, 75a Deerings Road, RH2 (Reigate)

Victoria Homes, 46-52 Castlebar Park, W5 (Ealing)

Vintners Company Almshouses, 39-41 Mile End Road, E1 4TP (Mile End)


Walters' & Porter's Almshouses, 335-337 Old Street, EC1V (City North)

Walter's Close, 82 Brandon Street, SE17 (Walworth)

Weavers Company Almshouses, Old Street Road, EC1 9LL (Hoxton)

Weavers Company Almshouses, Blossom Terrace, Norton Folgate, E1 (Spitalfields)

Weavers Company Almshouses, 78-82 New Wantead, E11 (Wanstead)

West Hackney House, 15 Northwold Road, N16 (Stoke Newington)

Westby's Almshouses, 168 Pitfield Street, N1 (Hoxton)

Wheeler Homes, 69-73A Castlebar Park, W5 (Ealing)

Whicher & Kifford Almshouses, Fentiman Road, SW8 (Vauxhall)

Whitgift's Almshouses, North End/George Street,CR9 (Croydon)

Whittingam Court, Edensor Road, W4 (Chiswick)

Whittington College, College Hill, EC4R (Cannon Street)

Whittington College, Archway Road, N19 (Archway)

Widows' Home Asylum, 25 Well Street, E9 (Hackney)

Wilbraham's Almshouses, Hadley Green Road, EN5 (Monken Hadley)

Wilde's Almshouses, Church Street, N9 (Edmonton)

Witcher's Almshouses, Tothill Fields, SW1H (Westminster)

Wood's Almshouses, by 162 Lower Clapton Road, E5 (Clapton)

Woolwich Parochial Almshouses, Rope Yard Rails, SE18 6BF (Woolwich)

Woolwich Parochial Almshouses, 1-8 Greenlaw Street, SE18 (Woolwich)

Wright's Almshouses, 346-356 Hertford Road, EN3 (Enfield)

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