Berman's Almshouses

(also known as Braemere's or Bearman's Almshouses)

Basing Place, Shoreditch, E2 8AG


In 1813 the trustees of the William Berman Trust built new almshouses to replace those in Hoxton Street, which were over a century old.

As before, they accommodated eight poor elderly women.

In 1944, during WW2 (1939-1945), the whole of Basing Place and Basing Square at its end were destroyed by a V1 rocket.

In 1953 the Trust built replacement almshouses - Berman's Close - in Brentwood.


Current status

Only a stub of the original Basing Place survives, as the entrance to the Hackney campus of the New City College.

N.B. Photograph obtained in June 2020

Berman's Almshouses

The entrance to the New City College, Hackney campus.

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