Almshouses in N postcode area

N1 City Road
  • St Botolph's Parishes Almshouses

N1 Dalston, Kingsland
  • Bookbinders Provident Institution

  • Bricklayers & Tylers Almshouses

  • Cutlers Company Almshouses

  • Dyers Almshouses

  • Metropolitan Benefits Society Almshouses

N1  Hoxton           

Established by the will of Allen Badger dated 1674 (or 1675), the almshouses were erected in 1698 on a site in Hoxton Street, adjacent and to the north of the Weavers Company Almshouses.

The almshouses consisted of two terraced blocks facing each other across a central yard. Each single-storey block contained three dwellings and were intended to accommodate six men and their wives. Each couple would receive £20 per annum. Later, it seems the almshouses were occupied solely by women.

By the middle of the 19th century the buildings had fallen into such disrepair that they had to be condemned. A scheme to rebuild the almshouses behind the newly built Fuller's Almshouses in Wood Green was rejected.

In 1873 the almshouse funds were applied instead to pensions, while the buildings were demolished and the site let for redevelopment. By 1899 warehouses had been erected where the almshouses had stood.

  • Berman's Almshouses I

  • Refuge for the Destitute 

  • Westby's Almshouses

N1 Islington
  • Clothworkers Almshouses

N9 Edmonton
  • Knight's Almshouses

  • Style's Almshouses

  • Wilde's Almshouses

N11 New Southgate
  • Clock & Watchmakers Almshouses

N13 Palmers Green
  • Skinners Company Almshouses II

N15 South Tottenham
  • Forsters Almshouses

N16 Stamford Hill, Stoke Newington
  • Emanuel Almshouses II

  • West Hackney House

N17 Tottenham
  • Drapers Almshouses

N19 Archway
  • Aged Pilgrims (Hillside)

  • Whittington College

N20 Whetstone
  • Lawrence Campe Almshouses

N21 Winchmore Hill
  • Esther Doe Lodge

N22  Wood Green
  • Fishmongers & Poulterers Institution

  • Shoreditch Almshouses

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