Dyers Almshouses

King Henry's Walk, Balls Pond Road, Kingsland, N1 4NT


The almshouses opened in 1841, built by the Dyers Company to replace the Spitalfields Almshouses in Bethnal Green.

Built just to the north of the Tylers and Bricklayers Almshouses, they consisted of a 2-story symmetrical block of 10 houses with a central hall and chapel.

In 1850-1852 an additional 16 almshouses - two blocks of 8 dwellings each - were added to the site to accommodate the residents of the Dyers Almshouses in City Road, which had been sold.

The almshouses closed in 1938.  The site was sold in 1939 and the proceeds used to construct the new Dyers Almshouses in Crawley, Sussex.


Current status

The almshouses were demolished, either before or after WW2 (1939-1945). In March 1952 Islington Council bought the site - and also that of the neighbouring Tyler and Bricklayers Almshouses - to build Tudor Court, a complex of seven apartment blocks. 

N.B. Photographs obtained in August 2017

 Tudor Court

The site is now occupied by the northeast part of Tudor Court (above and below).

Tudor Court


Tudor Court

The Islington coat of arms is mounted on the central block.

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