Thackeray's Almshouses

Rushey Green, Lewisham, SE6 4JG 


The almshouses opened in 1840, having been built and endowed by John Thackeray (1776-1851), a local landowner who lived in The Priory, a large house just to the north of them.

The 2-storey terrace of six almshouses was set back from the road and had a large lawn in front. They provided dwellings for six poor elderly women.


Current status

The almshouses were Grade II listed in 1973. They were managed by the Lewisham Parochial and Almshouse Charities. However, the owners of the buildings - the Lewisham Almshouse Charity of John Thackeray - decided they were unsuitable for the purpose and sold them in the 1990s. The almshouses survive as private residences.

N.B. Photographs obtained in July 2020

Thackeray's Almshouses

The almshouses face Lewisham High Street but are separated from it by a small park.

Thackeray's Almshouses

The buildings, as seen from the southeast.

Thackeray's Almshouses

The central two doors of the almshouses are under a round arch. Above the arch are the carved stone arms of the Thackeray family with a stone plaque below.

Thackeray's Almshouses

The plaque states "Built and endowed 1840 for Six Aged Females by John Thackeray of The Priory, Lewisham, who died on the 13th day of May 1851".

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