Wilbraham's Almshouses

1-6 Hadley Green Road, Monken Hadley, EN5 5PT


In 1612 Sir Roger Wilbraham (1553-1616), Solicitor-General for Ireland, built six almshouses at the northeast corner of Hadley Green and endowed them with the rents and profits of his two houses in Clerkenwell.

The single-storey terrace faced westwards and was known as Wilbraham's Hospital (he had also established another such in Nantwich, his birthplace). Wilbraham's coat of arms was displayed on the northern side.

The inmates were known as Wilbraham's Hospitallers. They were chosen, as far as was possible, from the rank of 'decayed householders' - poor elderly women of good character, who had not, during a period of five years at least, received poor law relief.

The endowment also included a piece of land adjacent to the almshouses which was let in 1795 for an annual rent of £3. The ground rent of Wilbraham's house at No. 56 St John's Square, Clerkenwell, provided six guineas (£6.30) a year. (By 1880 this had increased to £52 and 10 shillings (£52.50) and the rent from the adjoining land to £13.

In 1873 the almswomen received a weekly stipend of 9 shillings (45p).

In 1815 the building was extended at the back.

In 1907 each almswoman received a monthly stipend of £1 17s 6d (£1.87).

In 2010 management of the almshouses was taken over by the Jesus Hospital Charity.

Current status

On 23rd May 2012 the almshouses celebrated the 400th anniversary of when they were built.

N.B. Photographs obtained in February 2020

Wilbraham's Almshouses

The buildings were Grade II listed in 1949.

Wilbrham's Almshouses

The northern half of the almshouses.

Wilbraham's Almshouses

Sir Roger Wilbraham's coat of arms is displayed beside the central doors.


Update: April 2022

Wilbraham's Almshouses

In the spring of 2022 the dense hedge in front of the almshouses was removed and replaced with conifers (above and below).

(Photographs by courtesy of Dirk de Camp)

Wilbrham's Almshouses

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Last updated 14th May 2022

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