Almshouses in SE postcode area


SE1 Inner southeast London
  • Hopton's Almshouses

  • Red & White Cross Cottages

  • St Saviour's Almshouses

  • Drapers Almshouses

SE5  Camberwell

SE6 Rushey Green, Catford

SE7  Charlton
  • Dutch Almshouses & Convalescent Home

SE9 Eltham, Mottingham
  • Thomas Philipot's Almshouses

  • Sir Robert Geffrye's Almshouses

SE10  Greenwich
  • Hatcliffe Almshouses, Tuskar Road, SE10 9UY

  • Jubilee Almshouses

  • Penn's Almshouses

  • Queen Elizabeth's College

  • Trinity Hospital

SE13 Lee, Lewisham
  • Boone's Almshouses II

  • Boone's Chapel/ Boone's Almshouses I

  • Christopher Boone's Almshouses

  • Colfe and Hatcliffe Glebe, 347 High Street, SE13 4NY

  • Colfe's Almshouses, 368 High Street, SE13 6LQ

  • Merchant Taylor's Almshouses

  • Thackeray Almshouses

SE15  Peckham, Nunhead

SE16  Bermondsey
  • St Saviour's New Almshouses

SE17  Walworth
  • Walter's Close

SE18 Woolwich
  • Woolwich Old Parochial Almshouses

  • Woolwich Parochial Almshouses

SE20  Penge
  • Free Watermen & Lighterman's Almshouses

  • Royal Naval Asylum

SE21  Dulwich
  • Edward Alleyn's Almshouses

SE24   Herne Hill
  • Howis Trust

SE26  South Norwood
  • St Clement's Heights Almshouses

SE27   Tulse Hill
  • St Saviour's College

Last updated 9th August 2020

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