St Luke's Almshouses

13-21 Fairfield Grove, Charlton, SE7 8UQ


Not much is known about the early history of these almshouses, not even the name of their founder. They were in existence in the 17th century and were rebuilt by Sir Richard Raynes before his death in 1710.

In 1715 Sir William Langhorne bequeathed the sum of £100 to be laid out in lands for the benefit of the almspeople, but the purchase was neglected and, by the early 19th century, the bequest produced only £2 17s 6d (£2.88) a year.

In 1839 the almshouses were extended by the addition of two wings.

Current status

The almshouses are still in use and now managed by St Luke Charlton Parochial Charities. They consist of four studio apartments, each with a kitchen and bathroom.

In 2019 the rent was £90 a week, excluding utility bills.

Only those aged 55 years or over and who have a connection to Charlton are eligible to apply for accommodation.

N.B. Photographs obtained in June 2021

St Luke's Almshouses

The 2-storey central building with three doors has a single-storey wing either side, just visible behind the parked cars. Each wing has its own door. There is a small garden in front, behind a low brick wall.

St Luke's Almshouses

The almshouses are locally listed.

St Luke's Almshouses

A plaque is mounted just below the central gable.

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Last updated 12th July 2021

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