Woolwich Parochial Almshouses

1- 8 Greenlaw Street, Woolwich, SE18 5AW


In 1955, following the closure of the Woolwich Parochial Almshouses in Rope Yard Rails, the LCC have up part of its Sunbury Street plot, which it had earmarked for Hill Reach, an old people's home, so that replacement almshouses could be built.

The LCC prepared a layout scheme for both the home and the almshouses - the latter being located on the west side of Greenlaw Street. The new almshouses would replace a set of nine cottages previously there.

The new Woolwich Parochial Almshouses were built in 1958. The 2-storey plain brick building contains eight one-bedroom apartments. The windows were set especially low, so that the residents could see out while seated. The open fireplaces were designed to burn smokeless fuel (from 1954 the area was London's first smokeless zone outside the City).

In 1993 the almshouses were modernised.


Current status

The almshouses, now run by Pathways, offer places to people aged 60 years or over who have been resident in Greenwich for five years, with preference given to those from the Woolwich area.

The Woolwich Parochial Almshouses Charity was removed from the register in October 2013 on account of its amalgamation with Pathways.

Orchard Street was renamed Greenlaw Street in 1915, after William Greenlaw, Rector of Woolwich from 1837 to 1851. The parish church of St Mary Magdalene is in Greenlaw Street.

N.B. Photographs obtained in July 2020

 Woolwich Parochial Almshouses

The almshouses, as seen from the southeast (above) and from the northeast (below).

Woolwich Parochial Almshouses


Woolwich Parochial Almshouses

Woolwich Parochial Almshouses

A plaque on the front elevation reads: "Founded 1731, rebuilt on this site 1958". Not quite accurate - the first Parochial Almshouses were demolished in 1731 and a workhouse built on their site.

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