Lady Mico's Almshouses

Aylward Street, Stepney, E1 0PB


In 1965 the Mercers Company began to make plans to improve and modernise Lady Mico's Almshouses by St Dunstan's church. However, the site was cramped and it was not possible to expand as the GLC was making the area around the church into an open public space.

The Company therefore decided to build new almshouses elsewhere in Stepney. The GLC offered a site on the corner of Aylward Street and West Arbour Street, where it was building new housing. The two parties agreed that not only would the number of almshouses be increased, but also that the GLC would design and build them on behalf of the Company. When they were completed, the original almshouses would be conveyed to the GLC in part-exchange.

The new almshouses were handed over to the Company on 21st January 1976.


Current status

The 2-storey building provides 18 single-bedroom apartments for single women resident in London, with preference given to widows living in Stepney. One of the apartments is occupied by the Matron and another is allocated to a wheelchair-user. There is also a guest room, a launderette and a clubroom. The building is arranged around a communal central courtyard with raised flowerbeds. Each apartment had a garden patio or a balcony, and window boxes.

N.B. Photographs obtained in September 2020

 Lady Mico's Almshouses

The almshouses on the corner of Aylward and West Arbour Streets.

Lady Mico's Almshouses

The main entrance on Aylward Street. A facsimile cartouche beside the entrance door is replicated from that on the original almshouses.

Lady Mico's Almshouses

The cartouche is surmounted by a Mercers Maiden, the emblem of the Mercers Company.

Lady Mico's Almshouses

The western side of the building.

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