Almshouses in BR postcode area

BR1 Bromley
  • Bromley College, London Road, BR1

  • Sheppard's College, Tweedy Road, BR1

BR3 Beckenham
  • Ada Lewis Governesses Homes, 39-59 Southend Road, BR3

  • Bertie Almshouses, 31-33 Bromley Road, BR3

  • Rawlins Almshouses, 1, 3 and 5 Bromley Road, BR3

BR7 Chislehurst
  • Home for Retired Governesses, Manor Park Road, BR7

  • Manning & Anderdon Almshouses, 46-54 High Street, BR7 5AQ

  • Northwood, off Manor Park Road, BR7

Last updated 1st August 2021

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