Dovedale Cottages

240A Battersea Park Road, SW11 4LN 


In 1841 Mrs Ann Maria Lightfoot and her daughter Mary founded an asylum for 'persons in reduced circumstances professing godliness'. Residents were to belong either to the Evangelical side of the Church of England or to a denomination of Orthodox Dissenters.

A plot of land facing what was then the Lower Wandsworth Road - a semi-rural spot - was purchased in May 1841. Four months later the buildings had nearly been completed.

The buildings, originally named Dovedale Place (apparently commemorating a connection of Mrs Lightfoot's family with the Peak District in Derbyshire), consisted of a terrace of 10 two-roomed dwellings (Nos. 2 -11) with gardens at each side. The central block contained a small chapel. The terrace was bounded at its east and west sides by an end cottage (Nos. 1 and 12). These were larger, having four rooms each.

During 1971-1973 a row of bungalows was built between the western cottage and the terrace, increasing the dwelling places to 21.

Between 1995 and 1997 the almshouses were renovated and improved. The end cottages were extended and the 1970s bungalows were replaced by a terrace of seven 2-storey houses.


Current status

The almshouses are now classified as social housing, run by Pathways and catering for people aged from 55 to 75 years. Preference is given to evangelical Anglicans.

N.B. Photographs obtrained in May 2020

Dovedale Cottages

The original buildings (above and below) were Grade II listed in 1994. The terrace apartments are now numbered 9-20, and the end cottages as 1 and 21.

Dovedale Cottages


Divedale Cottages

The central block of the original building.

Dovedale Cottages

The new block is numbered 2 - 8. It is not listed.

Dovedale Cottages

The central block of the new terrace has a plaque stating "1974 rebuilt 1997".

Dovedale Cottages

The western end-cottage is adjacent to the new terrace, which in turn is adjacent to the original terrace.

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