George Crump Almshouse

61 Hereford Street, Bethnal Green, E2 6DT


In her will of 4th September 1923 (proved in 1925), Miss Mary Edith Crump, deaconess of Ardeley, Herts, left money for a house to be purchased for use as a small almshouse.

In 1933 No. 61 Hereford Street was bought and became the George Crump Almshouse. Under the terms of the will, it would provide accommodation for one or two poor people aged 60 years or over, who were residents in St Matthew's parish. Each almsperson would receive a weekly stipend of 5 shillings (25p).

In 1966 the house was compulsorily purchased by the GLC, who were planning to redevelop the whole area.


Current status

The house was located at the north end of Hereford Street, where it turned to east. The GLC redevelopment erased this section of the road. The site of the almshouse is now at the northeast corner of the extended churchyard of St Matthew's Church, behind an apartment block off Buckfast Street and behind No. 244 Bethnal Green Road.

N.B. Photographs obtained in October 2020

Site of George Crump Almshouses

Looking along Hereford Street towards the site of the almshouse.

Site of George Crump Almshouses

Hereford Street is now a dead end, blocked to traffic. St Matthew's Church gained the site of the almshouse as part of its churchyard open space.

 Site of George Crump Almshouses

The site of the almshouse.

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