Almshouses in TW postcode area

TW1 Twickenham
  • Candler Almshouses

TW3  Hounslow
  • Butchers & Drovers Charitable Institution

  • Priory Court


TW5  Hounslow
  • Percy Bilton Court

TW7  Isleworth
  • Bell's Almshouses

  • Butler's Almshouses

  • Farnell's Almshouses

  • Ingram's Almshouses

  • Old Tolson's Almshouses

  • Raybell Court

  • Rayment's Almshouses

  • Sermon's Almshouses

  • Tolson House

TW8  Brentford
  • Brentford All Angel's Chapel Almshouses, Brentford End

Around 1446 a set of almshouses (or 'bede-houses') was established next to a new chapel on the west side of the River Brent, near Brent Bridge. They appear to have survived through the Dissolutions of the next century, but chapel and bede-houses had disappeared by 1635.

TW9  Richmond
  • Benn's Walk

  • Church Estate Almshouses

  • Hickey's Almshouses

TW10 Richmond
  • Hore & Colyear Almshouses

  • Tollemache Almshouses

  • Bichop Duppa's Almshouses

  • Houbon's Almshouses

  • Manning Place

  • Michel's Almshouses

  • Queen Elizabeth's Almshouses

Last updated 11th July 2020

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