Almshouses in SW postcode area

SW1 Inner southwest London
  • Butler's Almshouses

  • Palmer's Almshosues

  • Emery Hill's Almshouses

  • United Westminster Almshouses

SW2 Brixton
  • Trinity Homes (Bailey's)

SW3 Chelsea  
  • Royal Chelsea Hospital

  • St Joseph's Cottages

SW6  Fulham
  • Butchers Almshouses

  • Elizabethan Schools Almshouses

  • Sir William Powell's Almshouses

SW8 Vauxhall
  • Noel Caron Houses

  • Whicher & Kifford Almshouses

SW9  Stockwell
  • Friendly Almshouses, 155-167 Stockwell Park Road, Brixton, SW9 0TL

  • Gresham Almshouses (City of London)

SW11 Battersea

SW15  Putney         
  • Abraham Dawes Almshouses

SW16 Streatham
  • Old Thrale Almshouses

  • Tailors Almshouses III

  • Thrale Almshouses

SW17  Tooting  
  • St Clement Danes Holborn Estate Almshouses & Chapel

SW19  Wimbledon 
  • Cinque Cottages

Last updated 11th July 2020

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