Barrow's Almshouses

Devonshire Street West, Stepney, E1 4HP


In 1816 Joseph Barrow founded almshouses in Devonshire Street for ten Sephardic families.

The buildings were rebuilt in 1894 by the Spanish and Portuguese Jews' Congregation. Their other almshouses - the Montefiore Almshouses in Cock Court and the Pacifico Almshouses in London Fields - were closed and their residents transferred to the new set of buildings. The opening ceremony was performed by Sir Samuel Montagu.

The Almshouses were know variously as the Barrow's Buildings Almshouses, the Portuguese Jews' Almshouses and the Jews' Spanish & Portuguese Almshouses (Barrow's Buildings).


Current status

The buildings were destroyed in the Blitz during WW2 (1939-1945), as were the Moses and Solomon's Almshouses in the same street. Their site is now just by the east side of Sceptre House, an apartment block.

Devonshire Street has been renamed Colebert Avenue.

N.B. Photographs obtained in September 2020

Barrow's Almshouses

The site of the almshouses is now occupied by the access road at the rear of Sceptre House.

Barrow's Almshouses

The site from the south.

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