Montefiore Almshouses

Cock Court, Jewry Street, EC3M 4BY


In 1823 Sir Moses Montefiore presented Bevis Marks Synagogue with an estate of 13 houses in Cock Court, on the west side of Poor Jury Lane (now Jewry Street), on the condition that the rents earned during the next five years should be invested to form a repairing fund. After this period the properties were to be used as almshouses for the Sephardi poor.

The almshouses opened in 1831. In 1835 Sir Moses donated £900 for the upkeep of the buildings.

In 1894 the almshouses amalgamated with the Pacifico Almshouses in London Fields and Barrow's Almshouses in Bethnal Green. The almspeople were all transferred to a new building built on the site of Barrow's Almshouses.


Current status

The area has been much redeveloped over time. Cock Court has been erased. Today the site of the almshouses, on the north side of what is now Carlisle Avenue, contains a modern office block.

N.B. Photographs obtained in May 2021

Montefiore Almshouses

The mouth of Carlisle Avenue, off Jewry Street.

Montefiore Almshouses

The rear elevation of the office building occupying the site of the almshouses (above and below).

Montefiore Almshouses

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