Association of Jewish Refugees
Winstone House, 2 Dollis Park, Finchley. N3 1NF
The Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR) was established on 20th July 1941 to help and support German-speaking Jewish refugees who had fled to Britain before the outbreak of WW2 in 1939 - some 70,000 people, including about 10,00 children on the Kindertransport.  At the end of the war, in 1945, those who had survived Nazi concentration camps and ghettos were also assisted.

During the 1950s the Association, in cooperation with the Central British Fund for World Jewish Relief, opened several care homes in London to care for the aging refugees.

The first to open, in 1955, was Otto Schiff House, which had 41 beds.

In 1958 Otto Hirsch House opened with 49 beds, followed by Leo Baeck House (43 beds).

In 1962 Osmond House was built in the grounds of Leo Baeck House.  It had 38 beds.  (In 1991 another care home was built in the grounds - Balint House - with 27 beds.)

Heinrich Stahl House also opened in 1962 with 54 beds.

In 1969 Eleanor Rathbone House opened.  It provided flatlets for 73 residents.

In 1991 the Otto Schiff Housing Association took over the running of the homes.  The AJR was asked to deal with the applications on its behalf for Clara Nehab House, which had opened in 1965.

By the beginning of the 21st century the nature of care for the elderly had changed, with people preferring to remain in their own homes, whilst supported by care givers.  By 2010 the care homes had closed and the properties sold off.

However, the Association of Jewish Refugees continues to provide social and welfare services to Holocaust refugees and survivors nationwide.  Their relatives - spouses, children and grandchildren - are also welcome to become members.
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