Chiswick Lodge

Netheravon Road South, Chiswick, W4 2PZ

Medical dates:

Medical character:

1986 - 2006

Neurological disorders, elderly neuropsychiatric

When the Chiswick Maternity Hospital closed in 1975 the building became a hostel for medical students.

In 1983 the Hammersmith and Fulham District Health Authority acquired the site for use as a hospital for elderly patients with mental disability and for young sufferers from motor neurone disease, Huntington's chorea and similar disorders.

The building was refurbished, beginning with the two upper floors, which were converted into several sections to make individual bedrooms and small sitting rooms for the patients.  A larger sitting room was also available for communal use, where concerts and other entertainments could be held.  On the ground floor the kitchen was renovated and provided meals for both staff and patients.  The garden was redesigned and made accessible for physically disabled patients and seats provided so that patients could sit outside in good weather.

Chiswick Lodge opened in 1986.  The first patients, many of whom suffered from Alzheimer's disease, were transferred from Horton Hospital in Epsom, as that Hospital began to close long-term beds.  Horton Hospital already had an established League of Friends and local Chiswick people began to join the League to raise funds to provide outings and entertainments for the patients.  Each patient received a birthday card and a Christmas card.  A special celebration was held for each patient who reached the age of 100 and received a telegram from the Queen.

A Day Hospital for elderly patients with mental illness was established on the ground floor by the main entrance hall.  The Day Hospital was staffed by nurses, physiotherapists and social workers.  Patients took part in various activities, such as memory games, or watched TV, worked in the garden or cooked (under supervision).  They spent all day at the Hospital and were given breakfast, lunch and a snack tea.

The Nuffield Unit, also on the ground floor, received patients from Greater London and had 11 beds for brain-injured patients with disruptive behaviour due to Huntington's chorea.

In 2003 Hounslow Primary Care Trust, which had inherited the Hospital after another NHS reorganisation, decided to sell the Hospital.  A well-organised local campaign to save it came to nought. The elderly patients were moved to new facilities at the Acton Hospital, while those in the Nuffield Unit went to the Royal Hospital and Home in Putney. 

The Hospital finally closed in March 2006 and the site was sold at auction.

Present status (December 2007)

The relatively modern main building is still there in a derelict state behind the hoardings amid a wasteland of already demolished buildings.

Residential redevelopment is planned.

Update: September 2011

The site became the property of Barclays Bank after the intending developer defaulted on the loan.  The Bank decided to invest in a housebuilding scheme rather than sell the land, as this would have lost half the value of the loan.

The Hospital buildings have now all been demolished and new housing is being built overlooking the Thames.  The new development will contain a 4-storey terrace of three 5-bedroomed houses (with integral garages) fronting Chiswick Mall, a 4-storey terrace of six 4-bedroomed houses, also with garages, and a pair of 3-storey 3-bedroomed semi-detached houses fronting Netheravon Road.

NB Photographs obtained in December 2007

Chiswick Lodge

The former Hospital building in Netheravon Road South awaiting redevelopment (above and below).

hospital building

NB Photographs obtained in September 2011

Chisiwck Lodge Chiswick Lodge

Building work on the new Chiswick Lodge is in progress.

Chiswick LodgeChiswick Lodge

NB Photographs obtained in May 2012

Chiswick Lodge

Townhouses in the new Chiswick Lodge redevelopment now for sale (above and below).

Chiswick Lodge

Chiswick Lodge

Riverside Lodge was built on the Chiswick Mall part of the Hopsital site.

Chiswick Lodge

Chiswick Lodge 

NB Photographs obtained in April 2014

Chiswick Lodge

Chiswick Lodge.

Chiswick Lodge

Riverside Lodge.

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