Auxiliary Military Hospital
 Christ Church Halls, Fairfield Road, Beckenham,
Kent BR3 3LE

Medical dates:

Medical character:
1914 - 1916

Convalescent (military)
Once the Kent/86 Voluntary Aid Detachment had been alerted at midnight on 14th October 1914, the Christ Church Halls were converted into an auxiliary military hospital.  The buildings had been lent by the Revd Harrington Lees.

The Hospital contained 50 beds and the first patients - 22 wounded Belgian soldiers - arrived the next day, on 15th October 1914.  They were followed by a party of 22 wounded British soldiers on 16th October.  No. 1 Christ Church Road was used as an isolation ward.

The Hospital closed in October 1916, when the newly built Lennard Road Schools opened as an auxiliary military hospital.

Some 835 servicemen had been treated at the Hospital during its operational lifetime.

Present status (December 2010)

Christ Church and its Halls are still very active in serving the community.

The extensive Christ Church Halls at the corner of Fairfield and Christ Church Road (Christ Church itself is not shown - it is to the right of the barrier).

Christchurch Beckenham
The Halls along Fairfield Road were built at the beginning of the 20th century.

Christchurch Beckenham
The Halls at the corner of High Street and Fairfield Road.

Christchurch Beckenham
The High Street end of the Halls.
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(Accessed 27th August 2013)
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