Christ Church Hospital
Lennard Road Schools, Lennard Road, Beckenham,
Kent BR3 1QR
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1916 - 1918

Convalescent (military)
In 1916 the recently built Girls Secondary School in Lennard Road was offered to the Red Cross for use as an auxiliary military hospital.  In October that year the Kent/86 Voluntary Aid Detachment moved its auxiliary hospital from the Christ Church Halls in Fairfield Road to the new premises.

The new hospital retained its old name of Christ Church Hospital.  It had 120 beds (later increased to 130) and was affiliated to the Royal Herbert Hospital.

Out-Patient Departments were established at the Hospital and at the Balgowan Road Schools Hospital to provide treatment for troops on leave or for those stationed in the area, and for discharged soldiers who still needed massage and electrical treatment for damaged limbs or dressing of unhealed wounds.

During the Spanish flu epidemic which occurred in 1918, infected servicemen were sent to the Hospital instead of being admitted to the Royal Herbert Hospital.

The Hospital closed in December 1918.

Present status (October 2010)

The Beckenham County School for Girls finally opened on 28th September 1919.

During WW2, the June 1944, the buildings were damaged by a V1 rocket (flying bomb) which fell in Lennard Road.

In 1945 the name of the School was changed to the County Grammar School for Girls and, again, in 1955 to the Beckenham Grammar School for Girls.

In 1959 the School moved to Langley Park (in 1968 its name was changed yet again - to Langley Park School for Girls), while its premises in Lennard Road became the Cator Park School for Girls.

Update: August 2013

In 2011 the Cator Park School became the Harris Academy.

Harris Academy
The Cator Park School (now the Harris Academy).

Harris Academy  Harris Academy

The School buildings are quite extensive (above and below).

Harris Aacdemy
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