East Ham Memorial Hospital
Shrewsbury Road, Plashet, E7 8QR
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1902 - 1981
1990 - 2006

General.   Later, psychiatric and psychogeriatric
Originally it was founded in 1902 as the East Ham Hospital, a voluntary cottage hospital with 20 beds.  The Cornish philanthropist, John Passmore Edwards, gave £5000 towards its cost. In 1904 the Out-Patients department opened.

The Hospital was extended in 1915 and then had 25 beds; it was renamed the Passmore Edwards East Ham Hospital.  During WW1 it became an army hospital.

Following the War an appeal was launched in 1919 to raise funds to build a general hospital as a memorial to those local servicemen who had died during WW1.

A new 2-storey Hospital building, consisting of three blocks, was erected on an adjoining site and officially opened by Queen Mary in 1929.  Renamed the East Ham Memorial Hospital, it had 100 beds - 80 in the new building and 20 in the former hospital, which was converted into children's wards.

During WW2, the Hospital was badly damaged in 1940 by bombs amd had to close for two months.

It joined the NHS in 1948 under the control of the West Ham Group Hospital Management Committee, part of the North East Metropolitan Regional Hospital Board. It had 138 beds.  

In 1963 it joined the Thames Group of Hospitals.  In 1968 the maternity work was transferred to the Forest Gate Maternity Hospital and the maternity ward was used for gynaecological patients.

Following a major reorganisation of the NHS in 1974 the Hospital came under the administration of the newly formed Newham District Health Authority, part of the North East Thames Regional Health Authority. It had 142 beds.

It closed as an acute hospital in 1981, but re-opened in 1990 with 87 beds for acute psychiatric and psychogeriatric patients.

A new purpose-built 78-bedded care centre  behind the Hospital building opened in 2007 and the East Ham Memorial Hospital became part of the East Ham Care Centre.  

Present status (February 2008)

The Hospital building is still in health care use.  
The new care centre, built at a cost of £14.6m, is located behind it and is managed by the East London NHS Foundation Trust.

East Ham Memorial Hospital
The original Hospital - now the Passmore Edwards Building.  It is still in use by community mental health care providers.

East Ham Memorial Hospital
The main entrance to the Passmore Edwards Building.

East Ham Memorial Hospital
The East Ham Memorial Hospital frontage on Shrewsbury Road.  It was built to the north of the original Hospital.

East Ham Memorial Hospital
The main entrance.

East Ham Memorial Hospital
The Hospital is now part of the East Ham Care Centre campus and the building is used by various  health care departments.

Shrewsbury Centre
The Shrewsbury Centre - a GP surgery - is located in the extension to the original Passmore Edwards building.

Shrewsbury Road Health Centre
The Shrewsbury Road Health Centre to the south of the Hospital.  (Photograph obtained in April 2012).

Passmore Edwards Library
Nothing to do with the Hospital, but
a nice old building adjacent to it on Plashet Grove and sharing the same benefactor - the Passmore Edwards Library, a Grade II listed building.
When the new Care Centre opened it replaced the frail elders care services at Plaistow Hospital and the Sally Sherman Nursing Home, both of which closed in 2006.
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