Hillside Hospital
Lubbock Road, Chislehurst, Kent
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1918 - 1919

Convalescent (military)
In 1918, almost at the end of WW1, the Kent/60 Voluntary Aid Detachment opened up a second annexe to Abbey Lodge Hospital, their main auxiliary military hospital.

The annexe, Hillside, owned by Mr Adcock, had 40 beds.  It was located next door to the first annexe, Lamas, and increased the bed complement of the Abbey Lodge Hospital to 140.

Abbey Lodge Hospital and its annexes closed on 31st March 1919.

Present status (November 2012)

   Hillside has been demolished and its site is now occupied by new housing.
Lubbock Road
The new Hillside at 99 Lubbock Road commemorates the name of the site.

 Lubbock Road  Lubbock Road

The sites of Hillside and its neighbour, Lamas, now contain new housing (above and below).

  Lubbock Road  Lubbock Road  
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