Hillside Auxiliary Hospital
Barnet Road, Potters Bar, Herts
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1915 -1917

Convalescent (military)
In April 1915 the British Red Cross Society was given Hillside rent-free for use as an auxiliary hospital, and Lady Rachel Byng's Convalescent Home for Wounded Soldiers moved there from The Mount, Hadley.

In May 1917 Lady Byng acquired The Mount from Lady Muriel Willoughby and the hospital returned there at Whitsuntide (20th May).

In the following month Hillside was put up for sale but, as it had remained unsold by March 1918, it was used to house prisoners-of-war working on local farms.

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Present status (April 2011)

In 1922 the property was taken over by two priests and one monk from the Spanish House of the Vincentians (Congregation of the Missions).  It became a House  of Studies where their young priests could learn English before they embarked on missionary work around the world.

In 1925 a temporary church dedicated to St Francis Xavier was built along the Southgate Road boundary of Hillside House.

During WW2, on 20th January 1945, the church and a number of adjacent houses, including Hillside, were destroyed by a V2 rocket.  Some 21 residents were killed and there were many casualties.

The site now contains new roads and housing.
St Vincent Way  St Francis Close
Looking into St Vincent Way (the line of the original drive of Hillside) from Barnet Road (left).  Hillside was located to the east of St Francis Close (right).

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