The Mount Auxiliary Hospital
 Camlet Way, Hadley Wood, Herts EN4 0NJ
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1914 - 1915
1917 - 1918

Convalescent (military)
At the outbreak of WW1 Lady Rachel Byng, daughter of the Earl of Strafford, opened a Convalescent Home for Wounded Soldiers at The Mount in Hadley Wood.

In April 1915 the British Red Cross Society was offered Hillside in Potters Bar rent-free for use as an auxiliary hospital, and Lady Byng's convalescent home moved there.

In May 1917 Lady Byng acquired The Mount from Lady Muriel Willoughby and the Hospital returned there at Whitsuntide.

The Mount Auxiliary Hospital had 30 beds and was affiliated to the Edmonton Military Hospital.  Lady Byng served as its Commandant.

Present status (February 2011)

The 18th century building is Grade II listed.  It is now St Martha's School, an independent Catholic school for girls.

The Mount
The entrance to St Martha's School.

The Mount
The gate lodge.

The Mount
Beyond the entrance gateway.

The Mount
The house is well hidden behind fencing.
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