Inverforth House
North End Way, NW3 7EU
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1956 - 2001

In 1956 The Hill, a 60-room mansion in 8 acres of ground, was left by Lord Inverforth to Manor House Hospital.  It was renamed Inverforth House and became the women's section of Manor House Hospital, with about 100 beds and a Nurses' Home for 60-70 staff.

Never part of the NHS, the Hospital was funded by the trades unions.

In 1998 Manor House Hospitals Ltd was placed in voluntary liquidation and the company dissolved in 2001.

Present status (March 2008)

The Grade II listed building has become a gated block of luxury flats.  

The walls by the gateway bear several historic plaques.  

The celebrated Hill Gardens are behind the house.  The gardens became a public park in 1960 and were restored, after much neglect, in the 1990s 
and the 800ft-long Grade-II-listed pergola refurbished by the Corporation of London.
Inverforth House
Inverforth House on North End Way.

Inverforth house north
The northern building and its gates.

Blue plaque to Sir Ronald Aylmer Fisher  Blue plaque to Lord Leverhulme
Left:  In 2002 the English Heritage blue plaque dedicated to the statistician and genetist,  Ronald Aylmer Fisher, statistician and geneticist, was unveiled here.  The house had been his childhood home.  Right:  Another blue plaque  commemorates William Lever, 1st Viscount Leverhulme, who died in 1925. He lived here from 1904 when the property was known as 'The Hill'.  The house was remodelled and enlarged and the garden redesigned.

brass plaque
Historic plaque to the banker John Gurney Hoare, who did much to preserve Hampstead Heath from redevelopment.

Inverforth Close
Part of the house along Inverforth Close.

Inverforth House

The west side of Inverforth House, as seen from Hill Garden.

Inverforth House

South gates of Inverforth House  
South gates of Inverforth House
The south gate on North End Way (left) and a further gateway off Hill Garden leading to The Residences.
In August 2008 one wing of the building - Lawn House - was offered for sale by Knight Frank at the price of £12.5m 
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