King Edward Memorial Hospital

Mattock Lane, Ealing, W13 9NZ

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1911 - 1979


In 1871 the Ealing Cottage Hospital opened at Minton Lodge in Ealing Dene.  It was enlarged in 1873 and again in 1886, when it had 16 beds.  In 1893 it was rebuilt, when it had 19 beds and a dispensary.

In 1911 it was replaced by a new Hospital with 40 beds in Mattock Lane.  It was opened by Queen Victoria's daughter, Helena (Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein by marriage), who declared that by command of King George V, it would be known as the King Edward Memorial Hospital in memory of King Edward VII who had died the year before.  

At the beginning of WW1 the Hospital reserved 10 of its beds for wounded and sick servicemen (later increased to 30).  By 1915 the new Hospital had been enlarged to 70 beds.

A further extension - the Queen Alexandra Wing -  built in honour of the late Queen at the cost of £25,000,  was officially opened in June 1927 by Princess Mary.  

The building was extended again in 1937, by which time it had 131 beds.  Several buildings nearby were also acquired, so that by 1945 the bed total had been raised to 160.

It joined the NHS in 1948 and was managed by the North West Metropolitan Regional Hospital Board.

It became incorporated with Clayponds Hospital to form the Ealing Hospital in 1973.

In 1979  the Accident and Emergency Department closed, followed soon after by the rest of the Hospital.  Services were transferred to the newly built Ealing Hospital nearby in Hanwell.

Present status (January 2008)

The Hospital was demolished in the early 1980s and the site has been redeveloped for housing, with a new Health Centre built on the west side.

One of the former Hospital buildings in Churchfield Road became the West London Masonic Centre in 1983.

Mattock Lane

New housing on Mattock Lane.

Mattock Lane Health Centre

The Mattock Lane Health Centre (above and below).

Mattock Lane Health Centre


Mattock Lane Health Centre

The Mattock Lane Health Centre is on the west side of the Hospital site. (Photograph obtained in May 2013.)

Masonic Centre Churchfield RoadMasonic Centre Churchfield Road
The Masonic Centre in Churchfield Road.

Tiles from the Princess Elizabeth children's ward, made by Carter & Co of Poole in 1935, were rescued. Most were resited at Ealing Hospital.

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