Ealing Hospital
Uxbridge Road,  Southall, Middlesex UB1 3HW
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1979 - current

Acute, maternity
The newly built Ealing Hospital, with 358 beds, opened in 1979 to replace the King Edward Memorial Hospital in Mattock  Lane and its branch at Clayponds.  It was built on land that was once part of the Hanwell Asylum (now St Bernard's Hospital).

Government policy at this time was that psychiatric and maternity services should be incorporated into mainstream district hospitals.  Thus, the new building became designated the 'General Unit', while the adjacent St Bernard's Hospital became the 'Psychiatric Unit', both parts collectively making up the complex known as 'Ealing Hospital'.

In 1988 the Ealing Maternity Unit opened on the southwest corner of the site, taking over services from the Perivale Maternity Hospital.

In 1992 a schism occurred - the 'General Unit' and Maternity Unit split away to become the Ealing Hospital (NHS) Trust.  However, for some years after, the new Trust remained under the auspices of St Bernard's Hospital for site care and maintenance.  This caused some degree of confusion for outsiders, as delivery vans got lost and TV crews filmed the wrong buildings.  

Present status (May 2008)

In 2008 the Hospital, against stiff competition, won the  'Worst Hospital in England' award, based on a survey of patients' perceptions on cleanliness, quality of food, information on treatment and the continuation of mixed-sex facilities.

The Maternity Unit, which had been refurbished in 1996, won the 'Worst Maternity Unit' prize, also in 2008.  It is now due for another major refurbishment.
new Hospital
Ealing Hospital, as seen from the grounds of St Bernard's Hospital

Ealing Hospital
The building has been accurately described by Peter Scher as "in the form of a multi-storey concrete slab with lower blocks around it" 
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