Perivale Maternity Hospital
Stockdove Way, Greenford, Middlesex UB6 8EL
Medical dates:

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1937 - 1988

The Perivale Maternity Home opened in 1937, taking over the maternity services from the Chiswick and Ealing Maternity Hospital in Clayponds Lane.

In 1948 the Home joined the NHS under the control of the South West Middlesex Hospital Management Committee, part of the North West Metropolitan Regional Health Board.  It had 48 beds and 48 cots.

By 1952 it had 52 beds and 44 cots.

In 1955 it was renamed the Perivale Maternity Hospital.

In 1974, following a major reorganisation of the NHS, the Hospital came under the control of the Ealing District Health Authority, part of the North West Thames Regional Health Authority.  It had 86 beds and a Special Baby Unit with 8 cots, but in 1979 various committess decided that it would be better to move facilities to the new Ealing Hospital in Hanwell.

The Hospital closed in 1988 and services were transferred to the Maternity Unit at Ealing Hospital.

Present status (April 2008)

The bulk of the site was sold to Ealing Council for £6.19m, and the remainder retained for health care use.

The Hospital building was demolished and replaced by a Notting Hill Housing Trust development with 133 homes.  

The site also contains Enterprise Lodge, a centre for children with learning disabilities;  Ealing Mencap are currently planning to redevelop this building.
new housing
The site now mainly contains new housing

new housing

new housing
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