Mildmay Memorial Hospital

Newington Green Road, N1 4RF

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1866 - 1958


Originally the small Mildmay Cottage Hospital near Mildmay Road, built in 1866, was run by the nursing branch of the Mildmay Deaconess Institution, a group of Christian women led by the Vicar of St. Jude's, the Revd. William Pennefather (1816-1873).   

In 1871 the Mildmay Mission had built its conference hall and the adjoining Deaconess house in Newington Green and a new hospital, built in the centre of the compound to replace the cottage hospital, was built in 1883.   The building was provided by Lady Hay in memory of her son and of Revd. Pennefather and was called the Mildmay Memorial Cottage Hospital.

Mildmay House, previously a boarding school, at 9 and 10 Newington Green, became the Nurses' Home, along with buildings at the rear of Mildmay Grove North.

In 1908 it was decided to drop the 'Cottage' from the name because of recruiting difficulties - nurses apparently did not want to work in 'cottage' hospitals.

During WW1 the Hospital offered 23 of its beds to the War Office for use by wounded servicemen.

An appeal for funds in 1920 so that the Hospital could be reconstructed for the 'new poor' to provide 110 beds must have failed, as by 1944 it treated mainly private patients.   At this time it had 47 beds, 12 of which had been added since 1938 for special cases.

During WW2 the area suffered great bomb damage, although the Mildmay compound itself survived unscathed.

The Hospital joined the NHS in 1948 under the control of the Archway Group Hospital Management Committee, part of the North West Metropolitan Regional Health Board.

 The maternity unit closed in 1954 and the Hospital closed in 1958. It was demolished,  eventually being replaced by a council block.

Present status (February 2008)

The site now contains Hathersage Court, a council block built in 1964-65, which occupies the entire south side of Newington Green.

Hathersage House

Hathersage Court, site of the Mildmay Memorial Hospital.


Site of the Mildmay Cottage Hospital, now the playground of the local primary school.

The Mildmay Deaconess Institute was also responsible for the Mildmay Mission Hospital in Shoreditch.


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