Pinner Place V.A.D. Hospital
Pinner, Middlesex
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1915 - 1919

Convalescent (military)
Pinner Place V.A.D. Hospital opened on 16th February 1915, with 30 beds.  The house, which was empty at the time, had been lent by Mr W.A. Marshall.

The Hospital was affiliated to the Edmonton Military Hospital and was staffed by 4 full-time nurses, 2 of whom were paid, and 2 part-time volunteers, as well as members of the Middlesex/8 Voluntary Aid Detachment (V.A.D.).  Four local doctors and 3 consultant surgeons attended the patients when necessary.

By 1917 it had 43 beds and, by the end of the war, 50 beds.

The Hospital closed in January 1919.

Present status (September 2010)

The house was demolished in 1954.  Ashridge Gardens now occupies its site.
Ashridge Gardens  Ashridge Gardens
The entrance to Ashridge Gardens (left).  The upper part of Ashridge Gardens occupies the site of Pinner Place (right).

Holwell Place
Holwood Road, leading to Ashridge Gardens, is behind the site.
(Author unstated) 1917 List of the various hospitals treating military cases in the United Kingdom.  London, H.M.S.O.

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