Rame Home
Church Lane, Tooting, SW17 9PS
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1968 - 1990


Rame Home opened in 1968 as a geriatric unit with 33 beds for long stay patients.  Adjacent to St Benedict's Hospital, it was under the control of the South West London Hospital Management Committee, part of the South West Metropolitan Regional Hospital Board.

Following a major reorganisation of the NHS in 1974 it came under the auspices of the Wandsworth and East Merton (Teaching) Area Health Authority, part of the South West Thames Regional Health Authority.

By 1984 it had 28 beds for chronic and long stay patients.

The Home closed in 1990.

Present status (June 2009)

For a short while the building was used as emergency accommodation by the English Churches housing group to provide 40 bed spaces  for people sleeping rough during the winter of 1991.  The shelter closed in May 1992.

Rame Home was demolished and the site was redeveloped in 1993 as a housing estate with 116 residences in a new road - Rame Close.  A new care home for 6 adults with learning disabilities had been built at 34 Rame Close.  Called Rame House, it is owned by the Metropolitan Support Trust.

Rame Close  Rame Close
Housing in front of Rame Close (left).  Entrance into Rame Close from Church Lane (right).

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