Sutton Red Cross
Auxiliary Hospital
Benfleet Hall, Benhilton, Sutton, Surrey SM1
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1915 -1919

Convalescent (military)

The Sutton Red Cross Auxiliary Hospital opened on 11th June 1915.  It had been established in Benfleet Hall, which had been lent for the purpose by Mr W.K. Appleton.

The Hospital had 60 beds and was affiliated to the King George Hospital, Stamford Street.  It was staffed by a Matron, 5 Sisters, 2 masseuses and 31 members of the Surrey/102 and /104 Voluntary Aid Detachments.  It offered general treatment for sick and wounded servicemen.

By 1917 the Hospital had 103 beds.

After the Armistice it became affiliated to the Mile End Military Hospital.

It closed on 7th April 1919.  During its operational lifetime, some 2,186 patients had been treated.

Present status (August 2010)

The  house has been demolished and its site replaced by Benfleet Close in the 1930s.


Benfleet Close contains 74 one- and two-storey dwellings built during the inter-war years (above and below).

Benfleet Hall War Hospital
Benfleet Hall War Hospital.  

(Photograph reproduced by kind permission of

robmcrorie - flickr)
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