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N1 City Road
  • St Botolph's Parishes Almshouses

N1  Hoxton 

Established by the will of Allen Badger dated 1674 (or 1675), the almshouses were erected in 1698 on a site in Hoxton Street, adjacent and to the north of the Weavers Company Almshouses.

The almshouses consisted of two terraced blocks facing each other across a central yard. Each single-storey block contained three dwellings and were intended to accommodate six men and their wives. Each couple would receive £20 per annum. Later, it seems the almshouses were occupied solely by women.

By the middle of the 19th century the buildings had fallen into such disrepair that they had to be condemned. A scheme to rebuild the almshouses behind the newly built Fuller's Almshouses in Wood Green was rejected.

In 1873 the almshouse funds were applied instead to pensions, while the buildings were demolished and the site let for redevelopment. By 1899 warehouses had been erected where the almshouses had stood.

  • Berman's Almshouses I

  • Fullers Almshouses, 244-278 Crondall Street, N1

  • Westby's Almshouses

N1 Islington
  • Heath's Almshouses (Clothworkers), Queen's Head Lane, N1 8NG

  • In his will of 23rd January 1640 John Heath, a clothworker, bequeathed £1,500 to the Clothworkers Company, directing that £300 should be spent on erecting five brick almshouses and the remainder used for land purchase to provide a yearly income for the almshouses. 

The almshouses, each with two rooms. were built midway along the north side of Queen's Head Lane around 1649. They accommodated 10 poor men of the Clothworkers Company, either clothworkers or dressers of cloth, aged 60 years or over. If none could be found, then ten other mechanics or handicraftmen, freemen of the Company, could be selected. Each almsman was provided annually with a stipend of £20, a chaldron of coals and a suit of clothes by the Company. 

In January 1656 the Company carried out the first repairs to the buildings, namely mending broken windows. Improvements were made in 1681 and, in the following year, the Company's arms, carved in stone, were erected on the front of the buildings. 

By 1818, however, the almshouses had become derelict. 

In 1825 the residents transferred to the ten new Clothworkers Almshouses built by the Company adjacent to Lambe's Chapel in Monkwell Street. The old almshouses were demolished in 1826. 

(Queen's Head Lane was renamed Queen's Head Street in 1866.)

In 1770 the Clothworkers Company built eight new almshouses, on the east side of Frog Lane, to replace the Whitefriars Almshouses, which had been bequeathed to the Company in 1540 by Margaret, Countess of Kent. (In 1560 Lady Anne Packington had gifted the Company lands and properties in Islington.)

The almshouses had been built as one 2-storey block. The central part had a pediment, with the arms of the Company mounted on it above the two central doors. Also known as Kent's Almshouses, they were occupied by the widows of Freemen of the Company, each of whom had two rooms and a garden of their own.

In 1835 each widow received an annual stipend of £20, a gown and 24 sacks of coal, as well as being entitled to medical attendance.

In around 1855 the Company built new almshouses adjacent to the Frog Lane ones. The latter were demolished and became the courtyard of the new Clothworkers Almshouses, which now faced Dean Street.

(Frog Lane was renamed Popham Road in 1872.)

N1 Kingsland

N6  Highgate

N7  Holloway

N9 Edmonton
  • Knight's Almshouses

  • Style's Almshouses

  • Wilde's Almshouses

N11 New Southgate

N13 Palmers Green               

N15 South Tottenham/Stamford Hill

N16 Stamford Hill

N16 Stoke Newington
  • West Hackney House

N17 Tottenham
N19 Islington

N19 Hornsey Rise

N20 Whetstone

N21 Winchmore Hill
  • Esther Doe Lodge

N22  Wood Green
  • Fishmongers & Poulterers Institution

  • Fuller's Almshouses

  • Porter's and Walter's Almshouses, Nightingale Road, N22

  • Printers Almshouses, 245 High Road, N22

  • St Leonard's House. Nightingale Road, N22

  • Shoreditch Almshouses, Nightingale Road, N22

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