A brief history of healthcare provision in London

In the Middle Ages care of the sick and infirm was mainly provided by the church, in particular monastries, while almshouses were established by pious benefactors to house destitute people.

In London only three major medieval hospitals survived the Dissolution - St Bartholomew's Hospital, St Thomas's Hospital and St Mary of Bethlehem (Bethlem) Hospital.


Voluntary hospitals

        General hospitals

Cottage hospitals

        Isolation hospitals

        Specialist hospitals

Infant Welfare Centres

Maternity hospitals

Mental hospitals

Convalescent homes

Homes for inebriates

Homes for the aged

Military hospitals

Auxilary Hospitals during WW1

       Voluntary Aid Detachments

      Almeric Paget Massage Corps

       Orthopaedic and Tropical Clinics

Poor Law Hospitals


The Metropolitan Asylums Board (MAB)

Smallpox and fever hospitals

Smallpox hospital ships

River Ambulance Service

        Tuberculosis sanatoria

        Mental deficiency asylums

        Training ships and their infirmaries

        Children's hospitals

Epileptic colonies

        Venereal disease hospitals for women

Municipal hospitals

        Mental hospitals

             The 'Epsom cluster'

                Treatments provided in mental hospitals

                Farming in mental hospitals    

        Open Air Schools

        Mental observation units

        LCC hospitals during WW2

The Emergency Medical Service

The National Health Service

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